Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bleary and OCD

Scary things are cracking in my neck and jaw and back. Today has been ridiculous, and it's a mixed kind of emotion now: I feel awful for not being able to hang w/Tam tonight b/c of my edition (and the worst part is that I emailed her last night to cancel, but it was one of those "lost in the web" messages that somehow never got to her), but so relieved that I'm almost done w/a project I thought I couldn't do. I'm killing my eyes and hands and body making this, and still thinking that it's the best work to do. It's kind of scary how single-minded I've been for the past few years, but kind of astounding, too. In a way, my mom was right: I better have a damn good reason for not having a job or a husband all this time.

So, all the drama today was that I was trying to figure out if I could move tomorrow or next week. Joseph and I will do it tomorrow. I got the contractor bags today, almost died getting them back to school w/stops at the farmer's market for two cookies and other "I'm starving and have been schlepping like a mad bag lady" lunch items, and then met Terttu at school. After a lot of confusion about when we're getting kicked out, I started back on the edition and had dinner at the opening downstairs. Elizabeth was there - SO great to catch up. I think a LOT of the problem right now w/me and my not very good maintenance of friendships is that almost none are in my position: just graduated from this program. Hard to get.

Okay. Must run to the train and then be a bad roommate, coming home late. Tomorrow is IT!


  1. aimee, my heart goes to you. do you have past instructors that might help you find ways to work on your art that cause less physical pain? i know sometimes you're not looking looking for problem-solving, just a place to be heard and so that will be my only suggestion for now. you are being heard.

  2. noooo. the physical pain is all my own doing. though i DID figure out a better way to staple my cyanotypes into my pages this a.m.!!! it only took over a year, but at least now i know: styrofoam.


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