Friday, June 09, 2006

Being a dad (post from Thurs nite)

That's how I feel, living this funny family life. Now I completely understand why parents stay up late and don't get enough sleep. If I had posted earlier today, after a yoga class that almost killed me (b/c there were too many people in a too-small room - our mats were only inches away from each other; and b/c I pushed myself too hard and
tweaked out my back again), I would have said that I looked, felt, and smelled like hell. But since I'm posting late at night after yoga, errands, studio time, babysitting, vacuuming, preparing snacks for Clover, having tea w/Clover, and showering, I can say that now I only look and feel like hell.

I keep forgetting that I'm performing tomorrow night: I believe I'll be on from 9-11pm (though I don't know b/c no one has told me), doing the performance I did last weekend, which caused the grossness on my ankle and jacked back: In and Out (a sequel to Up and Down). It will be for the Spareroom benefit, happening at the Elastic Arts Foundation. I love the people involved w/both organizations, so it's all good - come if you can. Let's just hope I remember to show up and figure out where to go.

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