Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tributes to Pauly

I forgot to include a picture of the "final" castle, in all its glory. And the extra threshold that everyone managed to step on or kick during the opening. Rah! Anyhow, I remember suddenly what my dreams were last night (not just the green insect/worm/strange creature that rolled up into a tiny ball and then expanded into a cartoon genie, etc.) - I dreamed that Paulette started a new blog!! And I was SO excited, and ready to put the link back up on my blog, etc. Oh, so sad that it was only a dream.

But she DID send me an email w/a terribly hilarious story: "The day your thesis opened, I was at New York Public Library opening an account. I peered over the shoulder of the girl next to me, who was also filling out an application. Her name was Aimee Lee!"

Love it. I am now feeling much better, even though I overate horribly last night. I ended up working off some of it by hysterically laughing, hyperventilating, and slamming tables w/my hands. I almost got through 15 min of meditation this a.m., too, and am pleasantly sore from yesterday's yoga class. More later after I rush and overnight another app to Cali.


  1. Mardy sent this to me today:

    To put one brick upon another,
    Add a third, and then a fourth,
    Leaves no time to wonder whether
    What you do has any worth.

    But to sit with bricks around you
    While the winds of heaven bawl
    Weighing what you should or can do
    Leaves no doubt of it at all.

    -Philip Larkin

  2. Which then makes me think of this tidbit I picked up in the last book I read:

    My grandfather was a bricklayer.
    My father was a bricklayer.
    I am a bricklayer.
    How come I don't have a house?

    --workman in Federico Fellini's "Amarcord"

    Yesterday I found out that Nathalie's dad is a mason!!! Amazing.


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