Friday, May 12, 2006

Super rushed and stuffed

Today was Manifest, which is a huge one-day party/performance thing/festival at Columbia. Ami and I had a good three-hour performance. This was the first shot I got, of just our food that we prepared for each other. It was a pretty simple setup, and quite healthy. We're good at this, I must say, after three years of feeding each other. We also got great participation. The women, stereotypically, were fantastic caretakers, and the men sucked. [btw, Ami and I, after eating for three hours straight, are now eating pulled pork sandwiches.]

We had three men come and actually steal our food. One just took it, even after we told him he couldn't. The first one who stole a grape force fed us. The other one tried to force feed us cake that someone else had brought us, but we refused it. Though, to his credit, the one who brought us the amazing Swedish Bakery pastries was a man (and his mom). MMMMMM.

This is the magnificent chocolate bundt cake and the porcupine-covered cake we got from Aaron and Sharon (his mom). We were quite impressed, since he tricked us first by pulling red apples out of his pocket. We thought that would be it. Actually, doing this for three hours was a really nice respite from our insane post-thesis lives. I've been so scattered that I can't stay on one thought longer than three seconds. So just sitting and having people take care of us was nice.

We did fantastic evaluations for everyone (as in, they were done fantastically, not that everyone got a good one), that were based off of our thesis evaluation forms. It was a good time. I think I should teach b/c I'm so fast w/snap judgements and writing quickly. HAHAAA! My favorite gifts: soy milk, really good green gum, microwave dinner: spaghetti and meatballs, and ginger tea. But now I'm back to my harried life: just drew three more bricks for people and am trying to spirit away inconsiderate audience members who keep touching my wall. I worry about it.


polarchip said...

Delish! Sounds like a great performance! Although, I wish you could have permanantly tagged the stealers/force-feeders with a red warning label so women everywhere would know to watch out. But it's good to know that not all the men were like that. Gotta focus on the good. Like those pastries!

I'm sooo looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!

MichaelLovely said...

the food looks so good.

To bad i skipped work, otherwise i would have been yelling at people about your wall and actually doing something.

TK said...

Once again I fail as a friend. Totally forgot about Manifest, inspite of the postcard that stares me in the face everyday. But you know I'd feed you anyday, right? Glad you had a good time. You need that in art now and then.