Sunday, May 21, 2006

Returning to another old self

It's over! It's down. I took my thesis down yesterday. It was pretty fast (don't say that to Nathalie, who was there from 10am, shooting slides, and then video of the deinstall...someone tell me how I deserve such a good friend??) and kind of hilarious. I took stills of it as I took 3 feet down at a time. I think that having it down is unexpectedly wonderful. No more paranoia about if something will fall down or if someone will manhandle it, etc. And I think that b/c it was such a huge exposure of my inner self, I suffered a lot of stress from just putting myself out there. Who cares if everyone thought it was beautiful and successful and loved it? B/c it was still like standing in the middle of the street, naked. No, no. More like standing in the middle of the street w/my first layer of skin peeled off, still alive (like the bodyworlds bodies, only alive. Then, I think of the absolutely horrific scene of skinning a man alive in Murakami's wind-up bird chronicle book and I have to stop thinking of it).

So, now I can paint and spackle today after laying in bed a lot yesterday evening. I'm catching up on electronic errands (my inboxes are finally empty!) and pretending my computer is just sleeping, not broken. Hopefully, if I can repair my walls in time, I can actually print some thank you cards on kozo paper I've had laying around forEVER. Oh! And the final tallies: I drew comics on 125 bricks, and got 116 responses in my wall. Later, I'll try and post what some of those looked like.


  1. I think instead of taking it down you should have just moved it over to my desk. That way i would have a little home at work.
    Have you ever herd of "death of a thousand cuts"?
    It was this old school tortures were someone cuts all your skin off but leaves you alive.
    I cant wait to see what people wrote.

  2. hahaaa. if i moved it over to your desk, you would have died a death of a thousand ceiling beams falling on you. and after yr hail incident, i don't think you can afford that.

    yes, i've heard of that torture method. when i was little, my parents took me to some war museum in korea where they had huge life-scale scenes behind glass of different torture methods the japanese used on koreans. i still remember the being boxed up in a crate w/nails pointing in, and the water torture. oh, and just torching your house entirely.

    i'm repulping only six comments (like, "get these motherfucking snakes off my plane"), so i think that's pretty good, percentage-wise. they're being nipped as we speak so that they lay flat. you can see them tomorrow when i pull them out after yoga class.


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