Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I can't stop overeating

Challah french toast w/bananas and pecans, cheddar cheese fries, bacon, and cheesecake. I am dying now b/c my skin can't keep it all in. I went out w/Nathalie to dinner and it's too much! Too much! Yesterday I had a hot fudge sundae and a side of bacon, and the bacon off of Joseph's BLT. AAARGHHH!!! I thought I would stop this after thesis. Alas, no. Not only that, but I didn't stop making paper: this is a 4x9 foot sheet drying that I did yesterday w/my scraps from my bricks.

And this is Michael, our gallery attendant, making funny pop ups of the postcards that are at the front desk. TOO FUNNY. Kind of creepy, too. Okay, I have to run now b/c a class is coming into the lab. Finally got back to yoga this a.m. but my meditation practice has plummeted. AND I'm still not sleeping enough. But I did go to the artists' book collection at the School of the Art Institute, and they're going to take one of my books. After I make it. hahaa! Ah, the curse of yet-unmade editions.


  1. Dude, enjoy the food! You deserve to eat well! You've been working so hard! Reward yourself :)


  2. Did you see the other pop ups i made before i left? I was going to give you one, but i didnt see you after i had that thought.

  3. HAHAAA. i love popup nation going on at the gallery desk.


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