Monday, May 15, 2006

Good reasons for not posting

[No, not b/c of Oscar's bday party. That was a couple weekends back.] I got my hood yesterday! I am SO exhausted, though. Not sure why, though I suspect it's from wearing contacts all day. It's amazing how things floating in front of your eyeballs can make your entire body shut down. Commencement was a riot, and Ami and I were pleased to see that images of us eating actually made it to the video they screened there. I had submitted images of my prior work, too, and Ami's parents saw that before we processed in. Seriously, the entire thing was like a circus/bad comedy routine. But we got to sneak out right after we were hooded, and then Ami's parents drove us back to her place for a cookout. My mom has been having severe guilt about not coming, and thinks I'm upset that not a soul came for the event, but I really didn't want anyone there. The only reason it would have been good would be to 1. have a coathanger/person to hold my crap and 2. have someone take pictures so that mom and dad don't think I was lying about what I've been doing for the past three years.

Also, this was my thing to do alone. I started it that way, and wanted to end it that way.

But, this is the TRAUMA that has had me on the edge all weekend: I dropped my iBook on Friday night after a really fun night out at Chicago Diner w/Terttu. AWFUL!!!!! I've dropped it before, and it has always been okay, but apparently, May is the month where horrible, terrible things happen to me. Luckily, Ellen and Paulette were flying in the next day, and Ellen knows all when it comes to computer stuff, so she calmed me down. We tramped all over town Saturday looking for a 6-pin to 6-pin firewire cable (apparently, a very unpopular item in Chicago's Loop, so we only found it at Staples after going to three other stores), and backed up my data. I had to leave my computer and hard drive at school b/c it was taking so long, and then had to commence Sunday. So I've been stressed all weekend that someone would come and steal my life, but it's okay. It's in the office right now but I don't even want to look at my iBook b/c I'm afraid that after I erase the hard drive and reinstall everything, it will still not work, and then I'll have to get a new hard drive.

AARRGGHHH!!! It's kind of sick how lost I am w/o that thing. Oh, and I just started reading The Botany of Desire (yes, I know I'm way overdue), and freaked out when I read that apple seeds have cyanide in them. I've been eating them for a month now!!! Jill reassured me when we were waiting to enter the pavilion yesterday that they pass right through - but I've been CHEWING them. So, not only am I perma-cranky, tired, and stressed, but I'm also accumulating cyanide in my body. Wohoo! But don't pray for my body: pray for the iBook.


  1. I am so sorry about your laptop. Last year my ibook fell and I lost so much. It really is the most traumatizing experience. I'm really sorry. I hope things change for the better really soon.

  2. "Luckily for those fond of their Granny Smiths, the body can detoxify cyanide in small doses, and the number of apple seeds it takes to pack a lethal punch is therefore huge — even the most dedicated of apple eaters is extremely unlikely to ingest enough pips to cause any harm. "


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