Monday, May 01, 2006

Good news

The nurse practitioner said I'm probably fine. Bill put the beam back up and shored up another that apparently fell Saturday (thank GOD I didn't know about that until today, and that it was fixed). He also put up a stanchion w/a sign to warn people. I read the comments from Friday night, and some were very sweet. I distributed my type for my postcard. I read fascinating things about Pablo Neruda learning how to set type and being bad at it, as well as the paper made on the front during the Spanish war to be used for printing a book of his that is now very rare - Espana en el corazon. But the paper has things like enemy flags & bloodstained soldier's tunics in it. Hardly any survived.

Whew. So, still a cranky back and nothing to eat (I wasn't able to cook last night b/c I was resting it. Terttu came over w/lots of apples and other accoutrements to snack on and we listened to lots of Jill Scott.) but feeling better about things.


polarchip said...

Drama! What a great opening though. It's good to have something crazy like collapsing ceiling beams happen.

I totally blame the stupid A-holes who kick/bump the wall, but you should also be flattered that they are intrigued enough to want to investigate/test the limits of your piece. Imagine if everyone just walked on by? That would be a sign of failure. Sounds like your piece is a success!

I don't know how you managed to stay in there spewing out comics for so long.

aimee said...

well. i don't think people were falling into my wall or putting wine on it to test or investigate it. i think people just don't pay attention and have no kinesthetic awareness and don't care about other people's stuff.

i heard a great story from my paper teacher about how her two sons were totally wowed by the piece and during the opening would be like, "can we go back to the CASTLE??" pretty much for me, if kids like it, it's a success.

i don't know how i did it, either. it's like how i don't play violin for 8 months and then just play 3 hrs straight. i found it very hard to draw comics and talk and listen at the same time.