Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two dinners, two postcards



I forgot I had rice and lentils in the chemical fridge today and instead got a prosciutto panini and a rocky road cookie. Then I went to see Oresteia @ Gallery 37's Storefront Theater w/Greg. We left after the first two plays and went to Margie's Candies and I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a brownie a la mode. Yesterday, I got a brownie and two whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from the baseball team bake sale. Geez. I'm balancing my laptop on my magically expanding stomach. So much for working on thesis!

But - I'm determined to start hanging tomorrow. Last night, in my occasional streak of genius, I reached the peak of my procrastination skills, and printed the most brilliant thing I've done in a while. I altered the postcard for our thesis, b/c it's truly awful. It's in a limited, initialed edition of 35 and a good deal are gone already. It took a little while to get the colors just right (I'm a renegade printer, so I mix directly onto the rollers. More like, I'm a lazy printer. It took purple, tulip blue, and burnt sienna), but registration [placing the type onto the postcard in the right place] was pretty easy.

I had another amazing cranio-sacral session today - apparently my psoas is all seized up and glomming together w/my iliacus muscle, so my pelvis was going right and my spine left, which explains a lot of the problems I've been having lately. Bob did some trigger point therapy to deal w/that. Afterwards, I received more meditation instruction. Now I have to up my morning practice to 15 min...we'll see how that goes. I totally had fantasies on the table of ditching my life and just going into healing arts.

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