Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday frustrations

Losing that hour yesterday is still screwing w/my body clock. But even though I got very little sleep last night (I'm now suffering from slight insomnia due to stress - mostly "what's next?!" stress, not so much thesis stress. That one's just a given), I spent a while doing extra pranayama and was very present for my sun salutations before meditation. I still sucked at cutting a corrugated cardboard template to hang today. I thought the whole time that I was being so smart to not cut myself in the thigh (most of the cutting happened on the floor as I sat on the cardboard), and then of COURSE, my arrogance got me in the ass: tonight, as I was trimming a brick, I cut right into my thumb. No big deal, but enough to remind me to return to earth.

In honor of Joseph learning more about Che Guevara, I wore him today on my head (a gift from Penny when she came back from Cuba a few years ago). I thought he had said Lady Godiva, but I was wrong. I'm thinking of wearing the jumpsuit as I reinforce the wall, cutting pieces off the legs until the costume disappears.

This is hard to see, but I fought to hang the template today, and then was so dehydrated that I threw in the towel, got water, and went to therapy. We talked about my insane dreams a bunch, and that made me miss my analyst in NYC, who was the best dream interpreter I have ever met. I built a foot of a shorter wall today but stopped b/c I'm feeling frustrated.

So today's goals are shifted to tomorrow: velcro dots, binder clips, stronger monofilament, fishing weights, and calling the lumber place about longer-than-normal dowels. Other things to stress me: soaking another two batches of brick trimmings, getting doll needles, and figuring out what kind of paper/what size to make for people's feedback during the show.

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