Saturday, April 15, 2006

I might be a chocolate addict

Well, I've finally started building/hanging my wall. Never thought it would happen. I took Forrest class yesterday but now feel like I'm not as desperate for it as I used to be; like I think I'll be okay now if I just take Jim's classes, and they work much better w/my thesis schedule. Last night, I worked until 11pm and was still totally wired, which made no sense: it was a gross, hot day, I ran errands, went to yoga, and didn't get lots of sleep. I finally figured out at home, when I was still wide awake, that it was b/c I had some chocolate w/o giving it a second thought. I hadn't had any chocolate since Sunday afternoon!! Not only did the caffeine keep me up, but waking up today was hell (which is not usually the case). Maybe my insane crankiness last week was all about chocolate withdrawal! Today, I spent my whole day in the studio. I had a good meeting w/Mary but still didn't get as much done as I'd like to have. Terttu and I were silly, which explains why I am fishing w/bricks. But I have four feet of wall up from the ground, as well as four more feet suspended of small wall. Time for BED.


  1. Congratulations, Aimee...
    It looks amazing...

  2. aww, thanks. though that's only 4 feet of it. I still have to rig the 10 feet above it...which I will tackle mercilessly tomorrow, forgoing yoga. sigh.

  3. Is this a test assembly or are you building it in the actual space where the performance will take place?

  4. TEST assembly. that's not the space it will actually happen. that space is in the gallery upstairs - 2 floors up.


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