Friday, April 21, 2006

How lovely you are

A beautiful morning, Coldplay on, sciatica running down my left side, sitting in bed after a nice conversation w/Ed at Art Farm. He told me about a former resident, Beili Liu, who built an adobe house that replicated the one that her parents lived in, in China. Amazing. These are the bricks she made.

I had an incredible meeting last night w/Joan about thesis. I'm going to scrap the entire comic/stand part of the interior and might possibly not perform at all. Who knows. We talked about honey, dogs, my recent dreams, people as empty containers, castles, and generally: am I up to this? I got affirmation on all the doubts and fears I've been having, and now understand WHERE it was all coming from. It's like I knew all along, but I just wasn't letting it be what it was.

She asked if I had any visualizations of the space inside that I might have self-censored. I said that every time I imagine the interior, it's empty, but I know that it can't be. And she said: that's it. So - am I up to it being empty? We'll see. For now, I have to finish up my artist statement, decide if I'm going to yoga (the sciatica is BAD!), hit Home Depot w/Yoonshin and Aerin, and then to the studio. I forgot that I have four feet of wall that I still need to pierce, reinforce, re-pierce, and thread with monofilament. Thank goodness I remembered that last night or I'd be pretty pissed off next week.


  1. Who's Joan? And what's sciablahblahblah?

    How much more of the thesis do you gotta do?

  2. joan is my performance teacher, or one of them. she's AMAZING. like, a perspective you could never get from any other person in the world.

    sciatica is something that sucks a lot. haha! no, really - the sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in yr body, running from the lower back all the way down to the foot, on both legs. sciatica is pain related to that - usu when the nerve gets pinched. i have it in my ass right now and usually mostly in the back of my leg but not often all the way down to the foot. i can feel the awful knots that are jacking up my lower back. yuck.

  3. oh yeah, the sciatic nerve. have heard of it -- my momma's always talking about that, and i thought she just made that up :) how do you deal with it? Y O G A?

    i've completely stopped going...showed my face at the place today just to bitch about the 7am class, and MAYBE starting in May they'll do evening classes ::fingers crossed:: trying to do yoga on my own at home watching Seinfeld just seems wrong ... and i don't deal well with quiet at home.


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