Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Way off schedule

Yawn! It's so late, and I haven't done any of the work on my applications that I had expected to do today. I got a little hung up today on a few parts of my thesis, so it was a less productive studio day than I prefer. Especially for Tuesdays, which are usually my most productive. Bummer. I DID look at my slides in the projector today, though, and got some good feedback from Jenny. These are pictures of the paper pattern I am trying to create so that I can build off of it when I'm constructing the wall off-site.

I was trying to figure out what to wear today, and noticed two tank tops that I never wear anymore, so I decided to take them to school and pulp them. I had another shirt there waiting, so I pulped all three for a nice 24 sheets of blue rag paper that I'll use to print on this weekend in my LAST weekend class. Whew! But obviously, that has nothing to do w/thesis, so I got sidetracked for several hours. I did cut down a few brick molds to make half bricks, and am testing 40 of them now to see if a 2-part mold works (I have a bad feeling it won't...but will deal with that in the morning).

I tried to finalize my pattern for the floor, but am still unsure about how wide I want the radius of the tower to be. I did the whole taping string to the floor and then to a pen to draw it, but I'm going to try again tomorrow to tweak it out. I also decided that I'm going to extend my paper run, and make 2,000 bricks total (I'm close to 1,700 right now). Which means no yoga tomorrow, since I have to beat fiber instead.

New goals for by the time I leave for San Francisco next Friday: finish 2,000 bricks, complete image selection for two or three applications, do my laundry, and have at least one segment of the test wall built from the ceiling down.

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