Friday, March 24, 2006

To appease statisticians

I decided not to work in the studio today. Result: clean apt, clean laundry.

I compiled some numbers for thesis, b/c numbers are the only thing that some people care about. What I did NOT do is log my hours, though I tried. But records that read, "Wrap 79 bricks. 4 hours (b/c of distractions)" don't really help me. "How long did it take you to make this?" is the number one question I get about making art, and the one quantifier that seems to legitimize artmaking. Though I HATE that idea, I do try to time myself as best I can w/o letting it ruin my practice.

Total pulp: 41.25 pounds
Total paper made: 1,321 sheets (12" x 18")
Total bricks: 2,145
Total half bricks: 280

That seems to imply that I got about 65 bricks per pound of fiber. Hm. And that I have forty pounds of hollow paper bricks sitting in my studio right now.

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