Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Slow panic mode

I've already done the make-a-date-yesterday-break-it-today madness b/c first I think, "it will be a nice break from thesis," and then I think, "OMG!!! I CAN'T LOSE THAT STUDIO TIME!!!!!!!!" The trouble is that I really want to try and keep fitting in about two yoga classes a week, but then if I do that, I can't justify more daytime breaks. I can barely get this wall going...this is only TWO feet! I have to build four more feet of this at this size, and then eight feet of it a little shorter, and then figure out the door.

Well, there are a LOT of "and thens" to figure out...but my goal is to be done building the wall by the end of next week. Today = exactly one month until the show opens. Which means three weeks before I install. I still have to figure out the interior. I had a sudden flash last night about including my marksman certification in riflery, but that's the kind of flash I have late at night. Anne woke me up around 8:20am, which meant that I didn't make 8am yoga class. I'm shooing for the 10am tomorrow. The GOOD news is that today, I was able to not eat like a maniac. I mean, I ate plenty, but only got one extra thing (chocolate wafers) and ate all my homemade food slowly.

Damn. I just remembered that I forgot to bring an apple! Oh well. I don't think I'll even bother testing myself tomorrow: I'm SO hitting the bakery after yoga if I make it.

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