Thursday, March 30, 2006

Resting from bricklaying

But of course I'm still eating like a maniac. I believe I had a smore, cup of pistachio gelato, turtle, and amazing chewbaca cookie thing (chocolate cookie w/nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallow, etc.) today. Along w/the homemade meals and pigging out at an opening (middle eastern goodies). But I would like to point out that I shared ALL of my sweets. I was ultra-cranky this morning (just ask Zeke & Aaron - I was beyond anyone's tolerance level) b/c I only got five hours of sleep after seeing Kiwon who was in town from NY and still working on another application after getting home late. I came home to a rejection letter for a residency and am sure more are on their way. Which helps to some degree in terms of figuring out my summer realistically.

I did try and organize my slides into my new slide binders, but it was not fun. Trying to figure out an organizing principle for all the art I have documented from the past 6-7 years is no fun. But I did meditate and shower, which are both excellent things to do in times of high stress. I mailed another book to a show in California, worked on two proposals, reformatted my CV, sent in a collaborative performance proposal, met w/my thesis advisor (I have disgusting amounts of work left to do), and went to class.

I'm a little scared now about where I'm at w/thesis: I'm in the stage where I can't go further w/o asking for help. Which is so foreign to me, I didn't even think of it. Somehow, I thought I could hang a whole 14-foot high tower all by myself. Now I have to recruit troops as well as cars for buying building supports. Hm. The good news: today was gorgeous, and a new diner opened up next door to school (FINALLY, another dining option in the south loop).

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