Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Last day in sunny California

So sad! My mini-vacation is almost over. It worked pretty well, though. I definitely feel like I got a breather from my thesis. Somewhat a breather from the boy, though we had a stressful talk last night. I ate a lot of good food nonstop, which is always a symptom of a good trip.

I got up today and lazed around, reading Real Simple after taking a shower (but not washing my dirty hair) and waiting for the CRAZY rain to stop (last night was ridiculous: SO MUCH RAIN and for so long, banging on the skylights). Around 11am, I ran out to ride downtown to catch the book show at the library, and then rode the F to Castro and was incredibly delighted as I walked down the hill, got a blood orange and some emergen-c at a corner health food store, and browsed for the cutest clothing ever (again, this city's clothing is SO my speed) before I went to Notorious for Hair to get a trim. My hairdresser, Lisa, was great and originally from Chicago. They had a bidet in the restroom!

Then I walked all the way down 16th, stopped for almond saffron pistachio ice cream, and hoofed it through the mission and all the way past the antique stores and the highway to the SF Center for the Book. It was funny to eavesdrop on the convo: hard packing, soft packing, hand printing, polymer, etcetc...bookies are such geeks. I rode back on the bus and stopped again at the bakery for goodies to hold me over on tomorrow's flight home. I'm just barely at budget for this trip and am so ready for laundry: I've been wearing combinations of the same clothes for the past five days. Ew.


  1. Wow, sounds like you belong in San Fran. Finding clothes and food that match your person is a really good sign. It's like if you take a wild animal, put it in a cage all its life because you don't know where it came from, then you figure it out and put it back in its habitat. It's like Oh! I know now why this bird's beak is shaped like that, or whatever other adaptations are present. Sorry, not really good at explaining what I mean right now, but I hope you get the idea.

  2. ooh! that makes me so happy. that makes so much sense, too! i never thought of it like that. the clothes and food. or that i could find a place that matches me. yay.


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