Saturday, February 11, 2006

A work-related one

I had to post these, b/c they should have captions that say, "Chinese factory worker in a paper brick facility." But really, it's just me in my brick-unwrapping mode. This is how I spend my days, now. First, I unfasten any paper lips or restraints I've made. Then, I pull the middle piece out, and then the other two. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's REALLY hard. Then I wrap them all over again.

I also cleaned and re-organized my studio space. Moved my 2nd editing table over so I can pile more bricks onto it, and all my bookbinding goods are on shelves so I'm not tempted to bind anything. After this full-weekend class of letterpress printing w/John Risseeuw, I'll be all set to get back into factory mode.

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