Monday, February 06, 2006

Return to the living

[This is me making paper - the pink board divides the deckle (top frame) so that in pulling one sheet, I actually make TWO. A nice time-saving device. And what I did Sunday a.m. for two hours, to pull 100 sheets (aka 200 sheets!)] I had to sleep a LOT last night (hit the sack at about 9pm) to recover from this weekend. I got a little behind in my brick-making, but feel okay about where I'm at now. I spent Saturday night at Anne's after watching "Wedding Crashers" and then talking until late about our depressing relationship failures, after lots of pizza and rice pudding (for her) and flan (for me. Though I'm not a huge fan - too sweet. I just couldn't find single chocolate puddings). Wednesday came and slept w/me, which was kind of a relief b/c I was afraid it would be too cold in the living room and she's 80 lbs, so I figured that would be good body heat. My very first! Have never shared a bed w/a dog. Now I kinda see why people do.

I did a quick tally of what I think I have in terms of quantity, and the seemingly overshot number of 373 appeared! Which seems impossible, but if it's true, would make me very happy (or not...b/c they don't look like enough to build the wall, or a third of it, that would mean I'd need more than a thousand). Tamara came yesterday to help me wrap another batch of 78, so now I have one skilled worker. haha!

Okay, here's the other HILarious thing: a new acquaintance saw the cartoon sketch of my wall, and thought it looked more like ice blocks, so he sent me this link, which teaches you how to build an igloo. That made my week. Or month. Too funny! Very smart. And a good alternative for me.

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  1. When I was in high school (at a small private co-ed boarding school in Maine) we would build snow shelters and camp out in them on the weekends. I think my favorite part was waking up in a mist-filled cave, the snow filtering the light to a pale blue. I always sleep better if my nose is cold.


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