Monday, February 27, 2006


As I lay in bed one night, I realized that the sleep broadside IS a self-portrait! Now I wonder if I'm either making so many self-portraits that I don't even recognize them anymore, or if I'm just using that category to identify all my work lately b/c it's easy. Hm. I should figure that out before I send out more applications. To balance it out, these are portraits of me but not BY me - by Terttu. We had to cancel our date tonight for Ethiopian b/c she got called to work, so I got to have tea and then salad and dessert w/Rich instead. The panic on my end has subsided, and it's just really nice to be with and around him - it's just so easy! Like he says, he's versatile. I barely know what to do now that I have a boyfriend who really is one. I don't have to hide him from people and we actually DO things; he wants to do things like go to performances or watch movies or go to yoga or anything.

I booked a ticket tonight to head west in two weekends! I'll be in the bay area March 10-15. Wohoo! I had to do it pronto before I lost the nerve. Last night, we went to Tamara's housewarming (which was SUCH a great party...perfect spread, perfect lighting, perfect people!) and everyone was asking two things: 1. bricks? and 2. future? Both are extremely stressful yet exciting. And nebulous. I was too wrecked today to do any more than unwrap 79 bricks and wrap 34. I figured out today that I actually need WAY more half bricks, so I should just stop right now w/the regular ones. I'm feeling a lot more momentum to build now, which is great. I wonder if I should get my hair cut in San Francisco...votes?


  1. Hey! I'll try to be in SF/Bay Area when you are there, and we can dance on the beach with Ellie! Your bricks are so beautiful! Every time I see a photo if them, I have to stare a little bit.

    And I've said it before, but I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU w/ the whole nice boyfriend thing. I think it shows that you're reached a new level of maturity b/c you want things that are good for you, not bad for you. Congratulations! I think we've all been there, or will be there eventually.

  2. PS your broadside reminds me of walking from 9th ave to 8th ave inside Port Authority. It's a perfect compliment to the "so tired, running late, tomorrow do it again" poem they have in that long hallway. Maybe you could sell a piece to the MTA? Considering how many people sleep on the train! (Show them Paulette's last blog entry!)

  3. The bricks _are_ beautiful. I'm excited that your thesis is coming along at just the right pace (quickly, but not so quickly as to destroy you).

    A boyfriend who really is one. Wow. I haven't had one of those in a long time.


  4. ellie7:10 PM

    can i get my hair cut with you when you come? I really need one but don't know where to go and it would be really fun to do it with you!!
    secondly, you look like a modle in that photo!!! oh my god! a new career after teh bricks? you look like youare advertising a purfume or an expensive leather bag in vogue. beauty! so happy you will be here soon. we need some aimee love in these neck of the woods!!

  5. haha. i LOVE that poem in the tunnel down there (tho i hate the tunnel. it's so gross). and yes, here's to maturity. though it's lame to meet someone right before i leave chicago, i'm still super thankful for the chance to be healthy in a relationship. i haven't had a real bf in...forEVER?? it's great.

    and it's settled: i'm getting my haircut in cali, w/ellie. yay!


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