Friday, February 03, 2006

I should be sleeping now

But no. I was so enchanted by the slides of the show I'm in that opens tomorrow (today) that I uploaded some of my own images to see how it all works. So you can see my amateur efforts in wet bindings and decorative paper using veil pulps (fiber that you beat for crazy long amounts of 9 hours).

But for instant gratification, here is me beating pulp and wrapping bricks. While making more wire houses, Greg suggested surgical gloves after I complained about how much my hands hurt. At first I scoffed. But then in desperation, I put them on, and then became pretty adept at making the little suckers. It helps to have a barrier from certain scratches. I always have horrible premonitions of scraping my skin, scratching it off w/sharp objects that I run into, jabbing my thigh w/a utility knife, slicing my fingers with any sharp instruments, and so on. So the latex made me feel invincible.

Oh, and another plug: see the show online, and contact Faythe at if you're interested in buying anything (everything is priced under $150. Mine is super cheap - it's the next to last image on the 2nd row of thumbnails. I had to re-print it for the show to meet the size guidelines, but still have a couple on the original panty paper if you want those).

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