Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I = factory

542 bricks as of tonight (Ami is standing in my studio with 466 of them), and with not too much effort and about two hours, I should have 621 tomorrow.

I am very, very tired. This is kind of a strange process for me - the long, drawn out, single-minded project. And I don't let myself do anything else on the side. I almost made a book yesterday, but was able to stop myself in time, rip up the paper, throw it into a bucket of water, and beat it back to a pulp last night. And now they're bricks! I don't even have the energy to do anything on the side. I talked today w/the gallery coordinator about how to build my wall in terms of what the architecture can handle, and w/my advisor about similar things (he says really thin sheet metal to go horizontally and she says really thin acrylic. He recommends little plastic beads w/tiny slits that they use in fishing to put onto the monofilament that will run vertically, to act like knots). We even reviewed how I'd make the arched doorway (lots of PVA [polyvinyl acetate, aka glue]). I'm thinking I should have put band-aids into my budget since I have to tape them onto my right foot every day before papermaking b/c the boots irritate my bone spur.

Oh, I also have a new life plan. I figured I should just completely give up on ever having a healthy relationship or a boyfriend I'm not embarrassed by/ashamed of/not attracted to/neglected by, and just get a dog. There was another part of the plan (I formulated it this morning while making my first batch of paper), but I forgot it already. A big dog, Meinrad Craighead style.

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  1. WAY, way, WAY(!) to go! Really happy you called today.



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