Thursday, February 16, 2006

Almost at empty

In case you ever wondered what 1,000 bricks all together might look like. I can't get far away enough b/c there's a wall a few feet away from the bricks, but here they are. Another 79 are drying in the studio now. I HAVE to stop making them and have to start testing walls, but I'm just on automatic pilot now. Crazy.

Dating has been splendid, but extremely time and energy consuming. I can barely keep my head up right now. I'm blasting "Check Your Head" to keep myself awake as I try and piece together my schedule for the rest of this week. The rain is crazy here! It was bad enough to keep me from going to an opening at a show I have a piece in.

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  1. I was thinking about your construction conundrum. Have you thought about fiberglass tent poles? They're super lightweight and flexible.


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