Monday, December 12, 2005

Too funny not to share

I just found out today that the nasty email I sent off to my school paper in regards to a ridiculous article from last week got published in this week's issue. I didn't think they paid any attention to those things, but apparently they need some filler for the paper..I think it might be my first letter to the editor that's ever been published. Ah, Columbia has seen SO many of my letters.

So if you want to check out more of my public rantings, here it is:


  1. Grrr. I can't believe that this is happening in Chicago, on a college campus! How frustrating. By the way, this is exactly how it is in DC--another city that's supposedly big and cosmopolitan. I actually got into a physical altercation with this guy in front of the Smithsonian after he greeted me with, "Konitchiwa!" Some people need to be pinched.

  2. i think you should sue them! that's my answer. once you take down columbia will you please take down california for killing tookie. so depressing and frusterating. your security gaurd reminds me of other midwestern old people who have never left their town/state. the problem, in my opinion, is that on the compassionate side a lot of the people in the midwest only see people that LOOk like them- besides on tv and movies. it's really sad but it is acutally true. if you raise someone to only see and think only one race exisists like a secluded monkey, than that is what you get a monkey. you know? i hope the scohol contacts you with a formal applogy and an offer to make it better. as offensive as it is i somehow imagine or want to believe the "oriental girl" name calling as a term of enderment. of course he oculd have learned your name insted of course! xo


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