Friday, December 09, 2005

Thesis Central

Ami and I have been hard at work in "thesis central" (AKA the grad computer lab). There was awful hip hop going on downstairs all night, so I've been trying to drown it out with Wilco. I tried to stamp a zillion little bricks onto my kind-of-to-scale drawing of my thesis idea. Bad hand cramped up and I have ink all over my fingers. It looks like a really bad, cheesy drawing/watercolor of old brick walls in the "countryside." Or maybe just poor pointillism.

Yoga was great! Though I almost busted my wrist in an arm balance; I heard/felt something snap. I'm hoping it's all okay. The sadness was that it was my last class w/Dearbhla until I come back next year. Sigh. Then I was ridiculously dutiful and spent over two hours in a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) meeting for how to attract and retain Asian and Asian American students. I'm such a meeting girl, but there was an undergrad there (the only other student) who was actually LOUDER than me!

Leaving, a guy from one of the binding classes I taught was leaving the loud hip hop event, spotted me, and said, "hey, you're the bookbinding girl!" and proceeded to tell me all about his adventures in buying supplies and how he's so excited about starting his book. I had a few things on me, so I was able to show him other books. He was so sweet and honestly interested in it all. That was one of those, "aw, teaching is nice" moments.

So...running home so I can get a little rest before thesis crits tomorrow a.m. I got two more Murakami books, another Boondocks book, and another bell hooks book today, too. Ah. I am so thankful that I am literate.


  1. Hey! I took out every (4) Murakami book from the Alhambra public library in hopes of discovering what you have been cooing about in all your literature posts. Looking forward to reading them! I hope we are talking about the same Murakami? Haruki?

    They didn't have the Goodbye Banana book, and they don't have interlibrary loan out here!!

    Are you going to publish your thesis on your blog? I think you should.

  2. which four books?? yay. i can't believe your library doesn't interlibrary loan. that is RIDICULOUS.

    ah. my thesis is unlike standard ones - in art school, or at least in my pretty easy one, thesis means putting up a thesis show. there's a paper, but it's not really important or anything anyone would want to read - it's just a requirement for us to do. so, basically, everyone makes a huge deal about a group show. it's very strange, if you ask me.


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