Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunny Sunday

So that would be the type set into the bed of the press plus a tiny little piece of polymer (UV-sensitive plastic), and inked up. This is what your card this year will look like. If you can do the translation in your head.

This is the funny one Terttu got from my backside while printing. Stephen said that witnessing me printing over the weekend was like watching Russian factory workers in the 20s. Now that all the cards are printed, I'm going to take them on my baby date tonight and hang out w/Anne and Oscar. We'll see if I can address them as Oscar plays with his pots and pans. If you're really lucky, maybe he'll scrawl on your card with crayons/markers. I got fancy chocolate today after leaving the studio early (b/c I realized I didn't want to make anything) and am now working on reconciling my digital and paper rolodexes. Wohoo! Thank goodness for pizza tonight.

Last night, I decided I had enough of my thumb splitting for about two months now, and remembered I still had the extra suture kit I got from the Rush ER doctor back in May (b/c as the paramedics were taking me downstairs to sign forms, a classmate said [remember that I am bleeding from the head]: "make sure you get extra supplies for bookbinding! Melissa [our binding teacher] says they have great tools in the ER!!"). So I decided to stitch my thumb together, b/c from my standpoint, it's not healing b/c the two sides aren't meeting each other and I don't have butterfly bandages (which I hate anyhow. Their sticky goop is worse than normal bandages). I forgot, though, that they give you a shot of numbing meds before stitching. So I didn't get too deep since I'm not good at self-inflicted pain (unless it's up on a trapeze or breaking). I couldn't knot it properly since I only had one hand and one mouth. Then, just to be sure it stayed there, I added some crazy glue. Wohoooo! Anne says that now I share company w/Rambo and Vietnam vets.

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Paulettasaurus said...

Yikes--are you for real?! You *stitched* your thumb together? I underestimated you, Aimee.