Sunday, December 04, 2005


These are NYC birds in SoHo (I made Shawn take the pictures when I was visiting my old workplace and didn't want to be seen as a camera-wielding tourist type). I feel like some strange drunkard right now. I'm just drowsy from eating too much pizza (the deceptive Chicago square slices make it impossible for me to know how much I've actually eaten). Thank goodness Anne's bro & sis-in-law drove me home so I was spared a chilly commute. I got to hang out w/three parents and three kids tonight and it was crazy. I would stand up for one second and turn around and Oscar would be standing on my seat. He was doing lots of pots crashing on the stovetop as Tony and I tried to talk about life in Chicago. He apparently once had a bike accident where he had to get staples, stitches, AND crazy glue in the hospital!! Nice. They enjoyed my self-stitching.

If only I had this much pizza tonight. I'd be less zonked. Oscar is probably sound asleep right now. I spent Saturday night after dinner w/Kathy laying in bed and, again, laughing my ass off reading comics. This time, instead of David Rees, I read Aaron McGruder's stuff - the Boondocks. Really excellent. I wish I could spend all my Saturday nights tucked into bed, laughing over comics. I think of what bell hooks said about Toni Cade Bambara considering laughter as dissent.

Laughter as dissent.

In the meantime, I'm back to delving into Murakami. It's a comfort - a deep, snuggly read, fast, easy to drop into and out of in any situation. The procrastinating is heavy. But I just found out tonight, as the car pulled up to my building, that it is ALSO made of bricks. I've been here 2.5 years and only know tonight for sure that I've been in a brick building. Perfect...I am trying to do brick research quickly before Saturday's thesis crit. So, pass any brick info along! These are the ones I've seen for a few weeks now across the street from school that I'm itching to steal.


  1. My face also hurts when I speak Portuguese. Mainly my nose. I think it's because our native languages are fundamental in determining what muscles in our faces get developed, and even how they get developed.

    In Korea, I remember this time I was taking the subway home after being out speaking Korean all day. My face, especially my cheeks and jaw, were sore. Do you experience that?

    I even find that my voice, my mannerisms, and even my personality shift a little when I'm communicating in different languages. Language is like that.

    Also--I've heard that same thing about North Korean women being the most beautiful. Weird. Nowadays, though, I think they're just hungry and stunted.

    Paco says hello.

  2. Apparently, my mom has some barely perceptible hearing loss that her doctor wants her to nip in the bud.

    I also really hate earphones/headphones/whatever they're called. I always feel nauseated when I use them. Something to do with the inner ear, I think.

    You're whiney in Korean? I think I'm (extra) cranky. Lisa thought I was fighting on the phone the other day, but I was just saying hi to my mom.

    Portable hard drive? Hmmm. I'm too lazy to back up my data!

    How's your paper going?



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