Monday, November 14, 2005

Lima beans, time, war

Carpet stays.

We refocus lights tomorrow.

Ceiling suspension...maybe?

Five uprights in the hallway. And I asked for 75 music stands.

Ooh! And I got two more video peeps!

Tomorrow is the massive crunch day. And tonight, b/c I want to work on a residency application due tomorrow (that is, of course, completely unrelated). I was freaking out in class tonight when everyone started talking about unrelated topics. I was like, WE HAVE TO FINISH THIS MOVIE on time so I can get out of class and burn the midnight oil!!! Of course, we went over. And it was super depress-o - Harvey Keitel, Sarajevo, everyone dying.

But Ami made me a great dinner w/amazing lima beans and will make dinner for me tomorrow, too.

The bad things: I didn't finish the novel yet, and it's supposed to get REALLY cold and windy and rainy in the next couple of days. 40 mph winds, lows of 22, and 90% chance of rain?? Great. Not only will I barely be able to travel w/all my gear, but no one will come to the show. But people, prove me wrong and come to the show!

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