Friday, November 11, 2005

F***ed again

WOW. damn. Things are heating up.

So...if anyone was planning on being really excited about my upcoming performance w/100 pianos, it's all over: just got the call tonight that the piano showroom backed out of the entire deal and there will be zero pianos. That gives me five days to scheme up what the hell I'm going to do for my performance on Wed nite.

You'd think I'd be more upset, but I'm actually feeling really solid and ready for the challenge. My sister always says that life is so easy for me, and that everything good comes my way and I don't have to try to do anything b/c it all falls into my lap. Ah, I must now completely disagree. I think that I get screwed SO badly and have been for a long time now, and I just really make the best of it somehow. Otherwise, I'd be a horrific mess (yes, even more so than I am now). Now, I'm just like, BRING IT ON!!! I can handle it. Makes me think of this letter I never sent to Pete, about how when life smacks you w/a 2x4 and you survive it, then you get hit by an even bigger 2x4. My response: true! It's true.

I used to think - god, I'm moving away from NY and w/o trapeze/acrobatics, I'll have no upper body strength. Then I started breaking, and that brought it back. Unfortunately, I was totally forced out of that against my will, and thought, what will I do now? Yoga. And it comes full circle - I'll take more trapeze lessons w/Natalie when I'm home for a month in the winter.

At least I got to have a lovely evening tonight w/Tamara, despite the bad news, and enjoy the adaptation of Murakami stories at Steppenwolf and meet one of the actors, who freaked out b/c I look exactly like my sister. I'm still on track for performing: tomorrow I look for costumes, Saturday I rehearse. If you were coming just for the pianos, don't come. But you should come just to see what happens when 100 pianos go missing.


Paulettasaurus said...

Jeez--how can you lose *100* pianos?! That seems amazing. I'm so sorry.

Anyways, your attitude about the loss is fantastic. It's all about staying calm with yoga. I only started a couple months ago, but I love it. I'm trying to take your advice about going once a week, and more often when things get rough.

I'm unemployed! I came to NY with the intention of looking around for a few months. I'm interested in lots of things. I'd love to do something with statistics so I can build my skills a bit, and my long-term goal is to work in microfinance (mini-loans for low-income or immigrant communities).

That's cool that you'll be doing thesis work in NY. We should definitely meet up. I think I'll hold off on Thanksgiving with your parents unless you're going to be around. Thanks for the offer--it's very sweet. I would love to meet your sister, though. I have this Astoria fixation going on, and I think I need to take care of that soon.

Grad school is totally disappointing, I have to agree. I was so happy to graduate and be done with all that. Please, though, don't take Chicago for granted. It's *seriously* cute. You have the lake, the public transportation, the pizza. :)


Paulettasaurus said...

Ohhhh! You'll be here for Thanksgiving? If it's cool with your family, I would *love* to join you guys! :)