Thursday, October 27, 2005

whoa tired

AAAARGH. How does it always get to be 1am so quickly?? And I still have to book a flight to NY for Dec/Jan, firm up my interview questions for Friday's performance and tomorrow's rehearsal, and and and...I came home after mad bookbinding and trashy food at rehearsal, wondering when the sirens would stop. After about ten minutes, I was finally like, OH! It's the post-World Series madness!

I can't wait until I get out of sports teams land.

Today one of the undergrad work aides was super sad and crying at her gallery desk post, and I was like are you okay? Poor thing. So of course I immediately wanted to make her a book. I was able to control my impulse until AFTER I was done w/my own book for class, but whipped together this super-cute handmade paper quickie coptic variation: butter pages, straw-colored covers, red thread, and a little frame on the cover that was built to slip a photo or something in. Then I showed her the trick we learned last month for tipping in photos w/o adhesives. She was totally overjoyed and I got a hug.

I wish it was always like that. Where you see people's vulnerability, and you do what you can, and people want to learn things and get to know you and just...instead of all the no one giving a shit about anything besides their dogs. Not to knock people w/dogs. But does that make sense? I'm way tired, so maybe not. I've been reading the book Jill gave me for my bday and it's quite exceedingly depressing (Great Plains - the parts about Crazy Horse and other horribly tragic Indian extinction stories).

But yay! I'll be in NY, working hard on thesis IDEAS for a month, late Dec to late Jan. And hopefully tomorrow the water in the pipes won't be all nasty rusty so I can actually shower.

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Paulettasaurus said...

You hated NY while growing up?! How is that even possible? It's, like, heaven here.

I always wondered about Ellen's other stalker. I just found out from her that you're Korean, and I flipped out. Ellen has 2 Internet stalkers, and we're both Korean! What does it mean?

Chicago's fantastic! I loved it every time I went (mostly for the pizza). Are you an Obie?

Happy birthday! I wish I had a Jewish comic book, too...